Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PBA Finals 2012: Tigers gave in to Tropang Texters for 3-0 loss in final score of 133-126

All excited as I watch and take a look at last nights game 3 for the finals of the PBA game. As assumed, Talk N Text prevailed with a high margin enough to take down Powerade and defeat them to a 3-0 statistics in the PBA finals game 3. Castro and Jimmy Alapag with the big help of co-athlete of the game that night, Ranidel de Ocampo.

Last night indeed was a heart-pounding game over all but still the giants had the game controlled and won in the end. Cardiac, simply because finals game went in keeping with an overtime basketball skills competition for another 5 minutes with the key steal and take by Casio, the point guard of Tigers.

When I saw Gary David almost dump his confident face when they were out by 5 points until a shot was made just in time to have the game in control with Tropang Texters only ahead on points by 3 in 3.3 seconds left in the game play.

I can remember that it was the ball inbound by TnT in the last 3.3 seconds but luckily, the Tigers made a point at an almost miraculous steal and a 3 point shot by Casio which took the game to an extra time. In conclusion, as what the basketball game hosts are saying, leg strain will set in and I guess that's what happened. The TNT won 133-26 final recorded score result.

I was out, I thought that the overtime play was a signal the Tigers will carry game 3 but no. the Tropang Texters still was able to maintain sportsman's attitude and right attitude. In the end, Talk N Text prevailed over Powerade to assume game 3 finals. To see more updates of the game, you can visit the official PBA website or see it here. Alterantely, you may subscribe to our updates here at the DIY Mom blog.

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