Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayweather wins by boxing rules and loses trust

With 2 punches, Mayweather wins the match with Victor Ortiz. This is by virtue of 2 solid punches to the face and the chin of Ortiz. While the knocked down champ is on his reconciliation and his hands busy with trying to cover up with his fault to incur a headbutt, Mayweather punched him on the face and made Ortiz suffer.

Of course and as usual, a boxer must protect himself at all times. Knocked Ortiz and took his WBC belt. The Money wins by boxing rules while he lost the sportsmanship trust that a sportsmand ought to earn with a fight or any fight that he will be in to. I am totally in disgrace of the win of the now new champ and I just hope he gets punched and pounded by Manny Pacquiao if he decides to fight him with his chicken attitude trying to make up reasons.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to use Heywire for PC to send free SMS

One of the best ways to send free SMS is to use Heywire technology. In line to this, many people have been looking forward to see a guide on how to use it to be able to make or send text message for free using a PC or personal computer. I hope this short video that I was able to archive from YouTube helps you, my readers to be able to do it right with a little less of the effort. Please watch the video guide featured below.

How to use Magic Jack to call in the Philippines

One of the most used and searched way to make free call to the Philippines is to use the Magic Jack. If you are looking forward to get information on how to connect it an use it to call to and from Philippines. In my hopes to help you with this problem, I am featuring here a video guide in using Magic Jack to make a call.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remove Scars and Keloids with W II Skarslick (Review and Price)

Well, since I am still on the process of watching Shop TV in EZ Shop, I'd like to give my readers here at the DIY Mom's blog regarding this simple product called W II Skarslick, an ointment of some sort that is said to remove scars or keloids and prevent them from coming back.

Models were used and they all attest the use of W II Skarslick is effective in removing your cut marks, scars and keloids in time after a few use of the ointment. Even years old scars disappear with its use according to the ads but first, I have to literally use it to know if indeed it will have a significant effect on my scar. This product is good for both men and women. Claims with the ad says it can even remove scars 5 - 10 years old through colagen regeneration. Such removes scars of acne, surgeries, injuries, birth stretch marks and more.

If you are asking how much the product is from this review, well, for size, you can try outlets distribution centers.

Watching Shop TV with the Handy Shaker Review and Price feature

Handy shaker, perhaps one of the best kitchen aids I have ever seen so far. Why, well in a handy shaker review I saw out of the Shop TV feature today in Sky Cable, I can't believe that such a small gadget could actually offer you so many uses both for refreshment, cooking, sauces and belive me, even making a simple smoothie and ice cream for dessert.

Compared to other gadgets featured in other home TV shopping advertisements, this one is different. First off, the light weight feature will help you not just save time, effort and money but also easy to use and handle when using it. Other weigh as much as 1 kilo which is too heavy to handle, the hand shaker literally just weighs .600 or so grams with its small heavy duty motor and diamond blades.

Matteo Guidicelli finally speak in The Buzz episode September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011 episode of The Buzz showbiz talk fetured yesterday a video interview exclusive with Matteo Guidicelli regarding an incident of punching that happened in the last Star Magic Ball 2011 with actor, Coco Martin. Although many have speculated that the incident is due to jealousy with showbiz girlfriend, Maja Salvador, the latter did confirm from another previous episode in The Buzz that indeed, she was the reason for the fight of the two actors of Kapamilya network.

If you were not able to watch the replay video, I have found a copy below that I was able to embed for you to watch here.