Thursday, September 1, 2011

Juan Manuel Marquez arrives in the Philippines to promote his fight with the champ, Manny Pacquiao

JuanMa as Champ
Pinoys are all excited to see Juan Manuel Marques arrive at the airport with his stint to promote the upcoming scheduled November 2011 fight with the Pinoy champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

According to the local news station in the Philippines, ABS-CBN TV Patrol, Marquez after arriving to the Philippines will fly back to the U.S. with Pacquiao to do the promotion. Before this, JuanMa did a jogging spree for 45 minutes at the Quirino Grandstand tracks.

Gmail offers free calls to service members

Just cross-posting this short article I read from the official Google blog related to the recent disaster that happened in the United States. It's time to cheer up for U.S. service members as Gmail offers free call to all of you. With regards to the complete instructions on how to make that free call, please visit the official Google blog here. With this Gmail freebie, all you have to do is to download the voice and video Gmail plugin. Hurry, visit the GBlog now!

New Blogger Interface: How to use Blogger and having problems with finding the write page link

Being a newbie to blogging but knowing the basics, I guess sometimes it is not enough to blog. Sometimes it is best to know how to play around with the usability features of a blogging platform. Well, just blurting out what recently experienced with Official Google Blog: Blogger’s fresh new look which by the way is really something great for a newbie like me. Problem is, when I actually tried the new Blogger interface, I had problems with finding the write page link.

How To Ease Neck Pain (Video) natural way using exercises and yoga

neck pain remedies
Experiencing neck pain? Need natural remedies? If you ever heard of yoga which I bet you did, allow me to share with you a find regarding natural methods of releiving your neck pain. So here is basically a video I found today while searching the archives of YouTube.Com for useful information that might just help you out with your neck pain problem.

Monday, August 29, 2011

100 Days To Heaven Theme Song: Bart and Sophia love story - Bihag by Bryan Termulo

Bryan Termulo is the guys behind the new song, the theme song if you want to call it that of 100 Days To Heaven teleserye. This song plays whenever Bart and Sophia played by Rafael Rosel and Jodie Santamaria Lacson. Watch and listten to this new great song as I have embedded the (un)official video below taken from YouTube.Com. This single / cut was taken from the album "Begin".

How to Remove Shallow Blackheads the weird way using .... glue

Searching in Youtube regarding my daughter's problem on how to remove blackheads yielded me a lot of results. The good thing is, there is this one video I particularly liked because it is so weird how this girl does it and she claims on her video that professional makeup artists have been doing this.

Well, although this is her claim, I do not guarantee that it will work for you or anybody else who will stumble upon this post. Again, as per my disclaimer, I do not claim that this is a cure or a solution to your blackheads problem too. You may use this method at your own risk.

How To Do Oil Pulling (Video): Does it work?

As of now, I wasn't really able to find a good video that will tell whether oil pulling is really an effective natural method to get rid of some ailments or health problems but here is a short video that will tell you how to do oil pulling.

This Do-It-Yourself method of natural cure is said to be of cure to some (if not all) diseases like what is listed below according to the video I just found in YouTube while searching for a guide on how to administer the oil pulling method.