Thursday, November 28, 2013

Diy Mom Goes Hunting for Custom Costume Makers for UN Celebration Dress

At my grand daughter's school, a yearly celebration is the United Nations. Students and their parents are on the hunt for the best dress to use for the said once a year event. This year, I too as the lola (grand mother) is on the lookout for custom costume makers to make a UN costume for my favorite and one and only grand daughter, Janne Therese.

She is now turning into a little lady and little by little I am starting to see similarities of me back when I was a kid to her. She will be playing the role of little Ms. Hawaii and I wanted to surprise her by have her made a custom costume but I can't see to find the right tailor made dress that will fit her. So what I did was to go looking outside of my comfort zone in Divisoria and Tutuban Mall to go find a RTW or ready to wear dress to use for the school event.

Presto! there was this one store that advertised their United Nations costumes at the 3rd floor of 999 Mall where I found something that will fit her. All I have to do is add some accessories and I'm sure I could come up with the same customized effect to the suit in no time. After all, I am a DIY mom who used to take care of the same things for my sons and daughters in school too. It' won't surely hurt being a mom again or to the least a grand mother to my kid's children.

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