Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Am Weak

It's been 1 year today that I remember losing my driver's license ID. It got me in to too much trouble simply because first, it prevented my from driving my kids to school. Yes, at 68, I still drive my own Toyota car and I use it to pay for the bills and go to the grocery to buy stuff we need at home. We are living as a couple in Cavite but I must admit I wrote this post a long time ago because I miss my kids.

Today, it's been a year now that I've been away with them and it's also been a year today that I lost my driver's license that I had to go find the LTO (Land Transportation Office) hotline to make a few calls here and there to ask what I should do before going out and driving without a license ID. Here's a tip I wanted to share for those who also lost theirs.

Requirements for Lost Driver's License:
1. Affidavit of Loss duly notarized by a lawyer.
2. If you don't own the car or if the car is not under your name, accomplish a letter of authorization from the original owner or that whose name appears in the car papers as the original owner.
3. Aks and borrow a valid ID from the original owner for identification purposes.
4. Bring your own valid ID also for identification purposes.
5. Bring the vehicle with you for check up (prevention against carnap vehicles from being registered in the LTO)
6. Bring the necessary money for payment (I forgot how much it was that paid for the lost car registration receipt).

I am weak and so I guess it was just understandable to forget sometimes.

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