Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stray Cat

Today I saw a stray cat along the isle where my husband is trying to do his gardening. I got so upclose curious to this cat as he (being a male cat) is seemingly trying to get my attention looking at me while doing a routine meaow meaow. He's kinda cute for a probably 3 month old stray cat so I decided to take him in. He is colored with a combination of orange and while which although is the usual got him a bit special because he had grey eyes.

Those eyes are what made him a rare pet in the house. My hubby, Tino liked him too so we both decided to take care of him and call him Cote. It was actually more than a year ago and today is his birthday (based on the time we had him as a pet in the house). I'm glad we had him with us as this stray cat, Cote helped a lot keep rodents away from the house.

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