Friday, September 9, 2011

Enjoying Asian Food Channel Recipes with our newly installed cable tv by Sky Cable

Asian Food Channel Logo (photo credits to
It's just been a couple of days since my husband had it installed, our new cable tv channel service from Sky Cable. He knows I enjoy so much cooking at home for the kids on week end and so he made sure that I wll have as one of the channels, the AFC channel of Asian Food Channel. 2 days and I already had so much fun finding great astounding recipes to cook at home. Asian food is truly one of the best especially Pinoy food recipes like those found in Quickfire by Rosebud Benitez, a local show here in the Philippines for the 10-minute cooking wonder by the chef mom. I follow her program but sad to say, the official website found in Multiply is already down so I had to resort to an alternative that features Quickfire recipes cooking.

Anyway, getting back with AFC, I was really in high hopes to see more adventures of Ho Chak. I love the way they present that show and also love the iron chef competition. Other programs I watch in our newly installed cable tv are Lifestyle channel and also love Total Restaurant Makeover. The design and how they do it for such a short time is exciting and end results, very rewarding for the lucky chosen restaurant owners. I wonder how they choose which restaurants to do the total makeover or how much the owners have to spend to have their restos done with by some of the best designers in the business? Just a thought though.

Well, I'll be featuring here some more of the best programs from Sky Cable but for now, we just subscribed to I guess more than 20 channels first. I'll try to make a review or two of the nice programs I like. To see more recipes fron Asia, just visit Asian Food Channel/ Recipes or go to

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