Friday, September 9, 2011

What's the title of the theme song of Bart and Sophia in 100 Days To Heaven

Since I posted the official title of the theme song of Bart and Sophia in 100 Days To Heaven, a lot of mails came in to my Yahoo. They were asking me about the title when it is already mentioned in my post here. And for those who still wants to send me a note. I'd love that but here it is so you won't need to.

The title of the song is Bihag and it was sung by Bryan Termulo. In the link I have provided above, I also provided an unofficial music video I took from YouTube.Com and uploaded it there for the sake of those who wants to watch it. On the other hand, if you liked my post, you might want to consider subscribing to me. It's worth it as I will be sending you in your email all update posted here at the DIY Mom blog. Promise you won't regret subscribing and learning a thing or two from me and for those housewives who also don't have time to check everything going on in the local showbiz industry in the Philippines.

By the way, Bart and Sophia in 100 Days to Heaven is played by Rafael Rosel and Jodie Santamaria. And again, for the sake of those who wants to hear and watch the video of Bihag by Bryan Termulo, I am again, embedding it here as taken from YouTube.Com. Watch and hear the song below. You may also see a copy the full lyrics of Bihag by Bryan Termulo. For the chords, tabs of this song, try other lyrics websites as I can't see it yet while searching online.

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