Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Call Canada from Philippines for Free: CanTalk9000

Here is a guide on how to make free calls from Philippines to Canada. Pinoys, OFWs enjoy using this service, I bet because there are literally hundreds of thousands of Pinoys working abroad with families in the Philippines that they want to call. Here is your chance if you are one with somebody working or residing currently in Canada. Watch the short video guide so you will learn how to throw in that free call. This service is for those who are using cantalk9000.

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Nandy said...

does it really require 2 devices as shown on the video?
i've got a MagicBox in cebu. it's only req'd in the Philippines. i can receive calls from 37 countries incl USA/Canada where my sisters are. my brod in Cagayan de Oro got one, too. it's free call among the 4 of us. since it's computer-less, we just leave it on 24/7. btw, MagicBox is supplied locally w/c is better for support.