Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been to Best of Anime 2011 in MOA SMX Convention Center

(photo credits to animeallianceph) Last week was a blast for me and my daughter as we went to the MOA SMX Convention Center as Best of Anime 2011 happens September 14-18, 2011. The cosplay event that was probable one of the biggest conventions this year. Cosplayers were abound and we had a few pictures taken with the exciting costume owners and cosplay characters.

There so many Skura type of generic cosplay costumes but what I enjoyed the most with my hubby is seeing a favorite of my son, Cloud Strife character. My daughter with her college friend back in UST college of engineering enjoyed taking pictures here and there. I think his name is Jay as far as I can remember.

After the short event (we did not finish) as we never even went in, we dined in Taste Asia seafood and Japanese restaurant combination (my opinion only). We took the 2 orders of their meal package which by the way was really nice composed of sinigang na ulo ng pink salmon, crispy pata, chopsuey, grilled liempo and has a buko pandan desert.

We'll be attending the next consortium which is dubbed as Alodia's Fanstasy soon. I hope we could get a costume done in time so we could register to attend there.

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