Sunday, September 11, 2011

Watching Shop TV with the Handy Shaker Review and Price feature

Handy shaker, perhaps one of the best kitchen aids I have ever seen so far. Why, well in a handy shaker review I saw out of the Shop TV feature today in Sky Cable, I can't believe that such a small gadget could actually offer you so many uses both for refreshment, cooking, sauces and belive me, even making a simple smoothie and ice cream for dessert.

Compared to other gadgets featured in other home TV shopping advertisements, this one is different. First off, the light weight feature will help you not just save time, effort and money but also easy to use and handle when using it. Other weigh as much as 1 kilo which is too heavy to handle, the hand shaker literally just weighs .600 or so grams with its small heavy duty motor and diamond blades.

I am surely going to buy this gadget soon after I make up the price which is only 3k peso bucks compared other gadgets that could even cost you up to 5k. This one with a lower price includes other containers you can use for making puree, juices, for cooking also and more. Check out the shop TV feature of this product and I assure you you won't have a hard time cooking and making delicious fresh juices and more.

Just to let you know, this post is just a simple review based on what I actually saw on television. This is not a paid review nor will I gain any revenue out of posting this short handy shaker product review. The price may vary depending on where you will buy the product so be sure to make a personal canvass first before you buy. Unluckily, I was not able to catch up with a photo / picture of the product but I'd like to give you a hint on the look of it. I has a long stainless arm attached to the base motor and switch.

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