Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayweather wins by boxing rules and loses trust

With 2 punches, Mayweather wins the match with Victor Ortiz. This is by virtue of 2 solid punches to the face and the chin of Ortiz. While the knocked down champ is on his reconciliation and his hands busy with trying to cover up with his fault to incur a headbutt, Mayweather punched him on the face and made Ortiz suffer.

Of course and as usual, a boxer must protect himself at all times. Knocked Ortiz and took his WBC belt. The Money wins by boxing rules while he lost the sportsmanship trust that a sportsmand ought to earn with a fight or any fight that he will be in to. I am totally in disgrace of the win of the now new champ and I just hope he gets punched and pounded by Manny Pacquiao if he decides to fight him with his chicken attitude trying to make up reasons.

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