Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Remove Shallow Blackheads the weird way using .... glue

Searching in Youtube regarding my daughter's problem on how to remove blackheads yielded me a lot of results. The good thing is, there is this one video I particularly liked because it is so weird how this girl does it and she claims on her video that professional makeup artists have been doing this.

Well, although this is her claim, I do not guarantee that it will work for you or anybody else who will stumble upon this post. Again, as per my disclaimer, I do not claim that this is a cure or a solution to your blackheads problem too. You may use this method at your own risk.

Just a few important things though.. According to the article below the video I will feature below on how to remove shallow blackheads, I'm not sure if this is a fact but you can go check this for yourself. According to the video description, read below and I quote, it's not from me.

"If you're complaining about this going to give you cancer... then read the ingredients to your soaps, face wash, and lotions... tell me if those aren't anymore harmless. Do you know what "natural seasoning" can also mean? MSG... yeah... mmmm sooo good!!! google it!"

I'm using Non-Toxic washable kids Elmers Glue. This is what professional makeup artist has been using for movies or secret beauty tricks. It works just like a peeling face mask."

As an additional tip, just before you put the elmer's glue, clean your nose or problem area with warm water, dry, then apply. Presto! Watch the video.

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