Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Blogger Interface: How to use Blogger and having problems with finding the write page link

Being a newbie to blogging but knowing the basics, I guess sometimes it is not enough to blog. Sometimes it is best to know how to play around with the usability features of a blogging platform. Well, just blurting out what recently experienced with Official Google Blog: Blogger’s fresh new look which by the way is really something great for a newbie like me. Problem is, when I actually tried the new Blogger interface, I had problems with finding the write page link.

Anyway, I decided to put back the old interface and since I am already knowlegeable about how to use the old Blogger mask, I am no longer having problems with how to find the link in writing a new page. On the other hand, on such a short notice and trial of the new usability of blogger, I must admit that it is so basic maybe, just maybe, I am just a newbie to blogging and that could be the reason why I am having a hard time finding what I need to do with the user links for blogging with the platform of Blogger.

For sure in the long run, I will enjoy it and find out it is easier to use than the old one. Chiao!

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